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Danish Logo Preservation Society

Where do great worn out logos go in order not to fade away in the memory of those who used to love them? Danish Logo Preservation Society aims to gather, preserve and celebrate the very best in Danish logo design of the 1950-80s modernist era. We have put a lot of time and energy into locating the work of the Danish design masters. We have traveled the country and visited mostly retired designers and the relatives of those departed. We have looked through a large number of storages in private homes and public archives to locate the many treasures shown here. Logos qualifying for publication are selected by a committee headed by graphic designer and project founder Peter Graabæk. The vast majority of the biographical notes are researched and authored by graphic designer and design writer Peter Gyllan. All logos have been digitally redrawn. Danish Logo Preservation Society is generously supported by Danish Art Foundation. Contact The collection of Danish modernist logos is never complete. Please let us know if your old favorite logo is nowhere to be found. Especially great logos no longer in use have our keen interest.

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